Relx Infinity Device

A Comparative Analysis: RELX Infinity vs. Other RELX Models

As the e-cigarette vaping industry continues to evolve, RELX has established itself as a leading brand, known for its innovative and high-quality vape devices. Among their impressive lineup, the RELX Infinity stands out as a flagship model. In this article, we will compare the RELX Infinity with other popular RELX models, highlighting the unique features and improvements that set it apart.

  1. Design and Ergonomics:

The RELX Infinity boasts a sleek and modern design, featuring a slim and lightweight build that fits comfortably in the hand. Its smooth metallic finish and refined aesthetics make it a standout device. In comparison, other RELX models, such as the RELX Classic and RELX Artisan, also offer stylish designs but may not have the same level of refinement and attention to detail found in the Infinity.

  1. Battery Life and Charging:

One significant advantage of the RELX Infinity is its enhanced battery life. With a 380mAh battery capacity, it offers extended vaping sessions, allowing users to enjoy their vaping experience without frequent recharging. Additionally, the Infinity features a USB-C charging port, enabling faster charging times compared to micro-USB ports found in other RELX models. This ensures minimal downtime and maximum convenience for users.

  1. Leak-Resistance and Reliability:

The RELX Infinity stands out for its advanced leak-resistant technology, providing a reliable and mess-free vaping experience. Its innovative maze-like structure prevents e-liquid leakage, ensuring a consistent and satisfying vape. While other RELX models also offer leak-resistant designs, the Infinity’s technology sets a new standard for reliability and performance.

  1. Flavour and Vapor Production:

When it comes to flavor and vapor production, the RELX Infinity excels. It features an upgraded Super Smooth™ technology that delivers a smoother and more enjoyable vape. The Infinity’s Pro-FOCS flavor testing technology enhances the flavor profile of e-liquids, providing a rich and authentic taste experience. While other RELX models offer excellent flavor and vapor production, the Infinity’s innovative technologies take it to the next level.

  1. Pod Compatibility and Options:

One of the notable advantages of the RELX Infinity is its compatibility with RELX’s extensive range of pods. The Infinity device is compatible with both the Infinity and Essential pod series, offering users a wide selection of flavors and nicotine strengths to choose from. This versatility allows vapers to customize their vaping experience according to their preferences. While other RELX models also offer pod compatibility, the Infinity provides a broader range of options.


In the realm of RELX vape devices, the Relx Infinity stands out as a remarkable flagship model. Its sleek design, enhanced battery life, leak-resistant technology, and advanced flavor and vapor production make it a top choice for vaping enthusiasts. While other RELX models offer their own unique features and benefits, the Infinity sets a new standard for performance, reliability, and versatility. Whether you’re a long-time RELX user or new to the brand, the RELX Infinity is a device worth considering for an exceptional vaping experience.

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