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Does the RELX Artisan vape have a built-in OLED display?

Vaping devices have evolved over the years, incorporating advanced features to enhance the user experience. The RELX Artisan vape, renowned for its sleek design and exceptional performance, offers vapers a sophisticated vaping experience. In this article, we will explore whether the RELX Artisan vape includes a built-in OLED display, diving into its features and highlighting the device’s unique selling points.

  1. No Built-in OLED Display:

The RELX Artisan vape does not feature a built-in OLED display. Instead, the device embraces a minimalist design, focusing on simplicity and ease of use. This minimalist approach provides a sleek and elegant aesthetic, making the Artisan vape visually appealing to vapers who appreciate a clean and sophisticated look.

  1. Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism:

The absence of a built-in OLED display does not compromise the functionality and performance of the RELX Artisan vape. The device features a draw-activated firing mechanism, meaning it is activated simply by inhaling on the mouthpiece. This intuitive design eliminates the need for buttons or complex settings, providing a seamless and user-friendly vaping experience.

  1. LED Indicator Lights:

While the RELX Artisan vape does not have an OLED display, it does feature LED indicator lights. These lights serve as a visual guide, providing information about the device’s battery status and charging progress. The LED lights communicate important information to the vaper in a clear and convenient manner, ensuring they are always aware of the device’s current state.

  1. Focus on Simplicity and Convenience:

The absence of a built-in OLED display aligns with the RELX Artisan vape’s focus on simplicity and convenience. By eliminating complex settings and displays, the device offers vapers a hassle-free experience. This design philosophy is especially appealing to beginners or vapers who prefer a straightforward and intuitive vaping device.

  1. Portable and Pocket-Friendly:

The RELX Artisan vape’s lack of a built-in OLED display contributes to its portability and pocket-friendly nature. The absence of a display allows for a sleek and compact design, making it easy to carry the device in pockets or bags without adding unnecessary bulk. Vapers can enjoy a convenient and on-the-go vaping experience with the Artisan vape, without the need to worry about a protruding display.


While the RELX Artisan vape does not include a built-in OLED display, it offers vapers a sleek and minimalist design that focuses on simplicity and convenience. The absence of a display does not compromise the device’s functionality or performance. Instead, the Artisan vape embraces a draw-activated firing mechanism and LED indicator lights, providing users with an intuitive and user-friendly vaping experience. The device’s emphasis on portability and pocket-friendliness further enhances its appeal to vapers who prioritize convenience. Ultimately, the RELX Artisan vape showcases that a vaping device can deliver exceptional performance and style without the need for a built-in OLED display.

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