Relx Infinity Device

Exploring the Key Features of the RELX Infinity Device

The RELX Infinity device has taken the electronic vaping industry by storm with its innovative features and sleek design. Designed for both novice and experienced vapers, this compact and lightweight pen-style device offers an unparalleled vaping experience. In this article, we will delve into the key features that set the RELX Infinity apart from other devices on the market.

  1. Super Smooth™ Performance:

One of the standout features of the RELX Infinity is its Super Smooth™ Performance, made possible by Air Boost and Active-Steam Pro Technologies. This advanced technology ensures a comfortable vapor output temperature of less than 55℃, delivering a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience. With optimized draw resistance tolerance of +/- 0.4 kpa, users can customize their draw to their preference, whether they prefer a tighter or looser draw.

  1. Leak-Resistant Maze:

The RELX Infinity Pods Pro, used in conjunction with the device, employ an 11-layer structure with a maze-like design to prevent internal leaks and condensation. This innovative feature ensures a clean and hassle-free vaping experience, keeping your device and belongings free from any unwanted mess.

  1. Ergonomic Mouthpiece Design:

The RELX Infinity device features an ergonomic mouthpiece design that perfectly fits your lips, eliminating air leakage and providing a more comfortable inhaling experience. This thoughtful design ensures a seamless draw and enhances the overall satisfaction of the vaping session.

  1. Symmetrical Pods:

Swapping pods has never been easier with the symmetrical design of the RELX Infinity Pods. The pods can be inserted into the device in any orientation, eliminating the need to worry about getting the alignment right. The magnets in the device secure the pod with a subtle click, and the device provides vibration feedback to confirm the connection, ensuring a hassle-free pod replacement experience.

  1. SmartPace Vibration Alert:

To help users monitor their vaping usage, the RELX Infinity device is equipped with a SmartPace Vibration Alert system. If a user takes more than 15 puffs within 15 minutes, the device sends a gentle vibration as a notification. This feature encourages moderate vaping habits and promotes a healthier vaping experience.

  1. Dual Charging System:

The RELX Infinity device boasts a dual charging system, offering both wired and wireless charging options. With the included C-Type fast charge cable, you can quickly charge your device in just 45 minutes. Additionally, for added convenience, the device supports wireless charging with compatible Infinity accessories. The wireless charging feature allows you to charge your device on the go without the need for cumbersome cables.

  1. Premium Design and Finish:

The RELX Infinity device showcases a premium design with a metallic aluminum alloy finish, providing durability and a sleek aesthetic appeal. The satin smooth texture adds a touch of elegance to the device, making it a stylish accessory for any vaper. The LED indicator, in the form of a light ring, enhances the overall design and adds an extra layer of sophistication.


The RELX Infinity device offers a revolutionary vaping experience with its Super Smooth™ Performance, leak-resistant design, and user-friendly features. From the ergonomic mouthpiece to the symmetrical pods and SmartPace Vibration Alert system, every aspect of the device has been carefully designed to provide an intuitive and enjoyable vaping experience. With its dual charging system and premium design, the RELX Infinity is a true game-changer in the vaping industry. Embrace the future of vaping with the RELX Infinity device and elevate your vaping experience to new heights.

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