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How to avoid dry hits when using your Relx vape

Relx vapes are a convenient and easy way to satisfy your nicotine craving without the harmful effects of traditional smoking. However, dry hits may occur when using your Relx vape, which can cause an unpleasant experience, affecting your overall vaping experience. Dry hits happen when the e-juice runs dry because of insufficient wicking, and the cotton wick in the coil is left dry creating a burnt taste. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how to avoid dry hits when using your Relx vape.

Avoid Chain Vaping

Chain vaping (or puffing on the vape continuously for an extended period) can cause the coil and wick in your Relx vape to heat up, leading to dry hits. Avoiding chain vaping and spacing time between hits are critical to ensure that the coil and wick have enough time to cool down and wick e-juice from the pod.

Prime the Coil

Priming the coil in your Relx vape is essential to avoid dry hits. It’s a process of saturating the cotton wick in the coil with e-juice to prevent it from running dry when vaping. Before you start using your Relx vape, make sure to fill up the pod and let it sit for around fifteen minutes. Priming the coil helps to ensure proper wicking of e-juice by the coil into the chamber, producing smoother and less burnt tasting inhales for users.

Avoid Overusing E-Juice

Overusing e-juice to extend the life of a cartridge in your Relx vape can cause dry hits. The e-juice serves to keep the coil and wick moist. Not using the right amount of e-juice can result in an insufficient supply of moisture in the coil, leading to dry hits. Once you reach the minimum e-juice level in your pod, replace it promptly with a new one. It’s a good rule of thumb to add a minimum of 25% of liquid before below max or minimum level region to prevent dry hits.

Adjust Airflow Settings

Adjusting the airflow settings on your Relx vape can help reduce the temperature inside the chamber, which can prevent dry hits. Switch between different airflow settings until you find the one that reduces the chances of dry hits. The more open the airflow is the cooler the airflow; however, modifying the airflow too much can affect the flavor profile and throat hit of the inhale.

Clean and Maintain Your Relx Vape

A dirty or ill-maintained Relx vape can increase the risk of dry hits. The buildup of debris, dust, and old wicking material in the chamber can lessen the efficiency of the coil and disrupt the proper e-juice flow. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your Relx vape, particularly the pod, will ensure the airflow and proper wicking of the coil.


Dry hits in your Relx vape can ruin your vaping experience and cause an unpleasant burnt taste. By following the tips provided, you can prevent dry hits from occurring in your Relx vape. This includes avoiding chain vaping, priming the coil, using the correct amount of e-juice, adjusting the airflow settings, and regularly cleaning and maintaining your Relx vape. Implementing these measures will ensure that your vaping sessions are smooth, flavorful, and enjoyable, helping you to get the most out of your Relx vape!

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