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Promoting Mindful Vaping: The Purpose of Smart Pace Alerts

The RELX Infinity device is renowned for its cutting-edge features designed to elevate the vaping experience. Among these features, the Smart Pace alerts stand out as a unique and valuable addition. In this article, we will explore the purpose of Smart Pace alerts in the Infinity device and how they contribute to a more mindful and responsible vaping experience.

Understanding Smart Pace Alerts:

Smart Pace alerts in the RELX Infinity device are designed to monitor and manage vaping habits. When a user exceeds the recommended puff limit of 15 puffs within a 15-minute timeframe, the device sends a gentle vibration as a notification. This proactive feature aims to promote awareness and encourage users to vape in moderation.

Promoting Responsible Vaping Habits:

The primary purpose of Smart Pace alerts is to promote responsible vaping habits. By setting a limit on the number of puffs within a specific time interval, the Infinity device encourages users to be mindful of their vaping frequency. This feature helps prevent excessive vaping, which can lead to nicotine overconsumption and potential health risks.

Encouraging Self-Regulation:

Smart Pace alerts empower users to take control of their vaping habits by fostering self-regulation. The gentle vibration notification serves as a reminder to pause and reflect on one’s vaping behavior. This awareness allows users to make conscious decisions about their usage and adjust their vaping patterns accordingly, promoting a healthier relationship with their devices.

Supporting Nicotine Management:

For individuals who are looking to manage their nicotine intake, Smart Pace alerts provide valuable support. By establishing a puff limit, the feature assists users in monitoring their nicotine consumption and preventing excessive intake. This is particularly beneficial for those who are gradually reducing their nicotine dependence or transitioning to lower nicotine levels.

Maintaining a Balanced Vaping Experience:

Smart Pace alerts contribute to maintaining a balanced vaping experience. By encouraging users to take breaks between puffs, the feature prevents the device from being excessively used within a short period. This not only helps preserve the longevity of the device but also ensures that users derive maximum satisfaction from each vaping session, as they allow time for the flavor and vapor to be appreciated fully.

Promoting Health and Well-being:

The purpose of Smart Pace alerts aligns with the broader goal of promoting the health and well-being of vapers. By notifying users when they exceed the recommended puff limit, the Infinity device encourages moderation, preventing potential nicotine-related health issues. This feature supports individuals in making informed choices about their vaping habits, leading to a more responsible and mindful approach to vaping.


The Smart Pace alerts in the RELX Infinity device serve a crucial purpose in enhancing vaping awareness and promoting responsible usage. By setting a puff limit and providing gentle vibration notifications, the electronic vape device encourages users to vape in moderation, fostering self-regulation and supporting healthier habits. This feature not only contributes to a more balanced and satisfying vaping experience but also aligns with the broader objective of promoting the health and well-being of vapers. With Smart Pace alerts, RELX Infinity users can enjoy their vaping sessions with increased mindfulness and responsibility.

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