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RELX Artisan Vape: What Charging Cable Do You Need?

To ensure a seamless charging experience for your RELX Artisan Vape, it is important to use the correct charging cable. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information about the charging cable required for the RELX Artisan Vape, including its type, charging indicators, duration, and the option to charge with or without a pod inserted.

  1. Type C Charging Cable:

The RELX Artisan Vape uses a Type C charging cable. This type of cable is known for its fast charging capabilities and reversible design. Its compatibility with the Artisan Vape ensures a convenient and efficient charging process. The Type C connection allows for easy and secure attachment to various power sources, such as wall adapters, power banks, or computers with USB ports.

  1. LED Charging Indicators:

The RELX Artisan Vape features an LED light that serves as a charging indicator. When you connect your device to the charger using the Type C cable, the LED light will pulse in white, indicating that the device is charging. This visual cue provides reassurance that the charging process has commenced.

  1. Full Charge Indication:

Once the charging process is complete, the LED light on the Artisan Vape will stop pulsing and remain solid white. This solid white light indicates that the device is fully charged and ready for use. RELX’s smart-charge technology helps to minimize the risk of overcharging, ensuring the longevity of the device’s battery.

  1. Charging Duration:

The RELX Artisan Vape typically takes around 45-60 minutes to fully charge. However, the exact charging time may vary depending on the initial battery level of the device. It is advisable to allow sufficient time for the device to reach a full charge before use, ensuring optimal performance during your vaping sessions.

  1. Charging with or without a Pod Inserted:

While it is possible to charge the RELX Artisan Vape with a pod inserted, it is not necessary. Charging the device without a pod inserted will not impact the charging process or the device’s performance. This flexibility allows you to charge your Artisan Vape conveniently, regardless of whether a pod is present.


To charge your RELX Artisan Vape properly, it is essential to use a Type C charging cable. This cable ensures fast charging and a secure connection to various power sources. The LED charging indicators provide visual cues throughout the charging process, indicating when the device is actively charging and when it has reached a full charge. With a typical charging duration of 45-60 minutes, you can quickly recharge your Artisan Vape for uninterrupted vaping sessions. Whether you choose to charge with or without a pod inserted, the RELX Artisan Vape offers a user-friendly and efficient charging experience. Remember to use the correct charging cable to maintain the device’s performance and maximize the lifespan of its battery.

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