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The Connection between RELX Classic Vape and Technology

The story of vaping can be traced back to the early 1960s, but it wasn’t until the early 2000s that electronic cigarettes gained popularity. With time, technology has played a vital role in the development of e-cigarettes. The RELX Classic Vape is a device that uses modern technology to offer a world-class vaping experience that’s unmatched by any other kit. In this article, we will explore the connection between the RELX Classic Vape and Technology.

The FEELM Ceramic Coil Technology

The RELX Classic Vape is a technologically advanced device that stands out thanks to its innovative FEELM ceramic coil technology. Unlike traditional heating systems, the device uses an advanced and proprietary heating method with a ceramic coil coated in laser-drilled micro-porous holes. The heating system in the device allows for the production of smooth, dense and flavourful vapour.

Apart from ensuring a consistent vaping experience, the FEELM ceramic coil technology has other benefits. For example, the ceramic coil heats up faster, which means that users can vape just seconds after inhaling. The technology also reduces the risk of burnt or dry hits, making the vaping experience more enjoyable.

USB-C Charging

Another aspect of technology that RELX has integrated into the Classic Vape starter kit is USB-C charging. USB-C is a newer and more efficient standard for charging electronic devices, replacing older USB standards. USB-C offers faster charging times which means that users can charge their devices faster and with longer battery life. The device can fully charge in under an hour making it a convenient device to use when on the move.

SmartPace Vibration Technology

The RELX Classic Vape uses SmartPace vibration technology to provide urgent notifications to users when the pod or battery is running low. The technology helps prevent dry hits and extends the battery life of the device. Once the pods run out, the device vibrates to alert the user to replace the empty pod to avoid burnt hits.


The design of the RELX Classic Vape is a testament to technology being incorporated into the device. The device has a sleek, modern, and minimalist design, making it stylish. The device is made using high-quality aluminum, giving it a lightweight feel, easy to carry around, and helps dissipate heat away from the pod and core components.

Smart LED Lighting

The RELX Classic Vape features an intelligent LED lighting system that notifies users of the battery and pod status. The device uses green and red lighting, with a green light indicating a fully charged battery, and a red light indicating the battery needs charging or the pod needs replacement.

In Conclusion

The RELX Classic Vape is an example of how technology can be integrated into modern e-cigarettes to create a vaping experience that’s convenient, easy to use and enjoyable. The device uses proprietary technology such as FEELM ceramic coil technology, SmartPace vibration technology, and USB-C charging technology, all of which make it a more efficient and effective device. The device’s design is a testament to how technology can be incorporated into style and function.

The RELX Classic Vape presents an incredible value proposition for first-time and experienced vapers. With its advanced technologies, it offers a more enjoyable vaping experience than traditional e-cigarettes. RELX, as a brand, has significantly innovated and upgraded e-cigarettes with technology and does not look to stop anytime soon.

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